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Rusty Shelton
Rusty Shelton shares wisdom on branding, book marketing, publishing and how to write a book, as well as how to be seen as an authority in your field. He shares his experience as a publicist and digital media strategist who has helped hundreds of authors, as well as his experience as the co-author of his latest book, Authority Marketing. Read the interview...
Stephen Snyder

Stephen Snyder

When Dr. Stephen Snyder decided to seek a traditional publisher, I provided a bit of a “crash course” in developing platform and Dr. Snyder did a stellar job of raising his visibility online and offline in order to make a powerful case for his book, Love Worth Making, leading to a 6-figure book deal. Read the interview to learn about his publishing journey.
Jody Rein and Michael Larsen
Jody Rein and Michael Larsen, authors of the 5th edition of the bestselling How to Write a Book Proposal, share advice, insights and tips on book proposals, voice, publishing and more. Read the interview...

This is the place for you if:

  • You are asking yourself, “Can I write a book?”
  • You have begun to write a book but found yourself stuck or overwhelmed
  • You are well into the book-writing process but are looking for encouragement and inspiration
  • You are an experienced writer looking for a few tips to improve your writing process or are interested in engaging with a broader writing community

Every week “How to Write a Book” brings you author interviews with traditionally published and self-published authors of nonfiction and fiction, including memoir, self-help, how-to books, novels and more.

You will find interviews with famous and first-time authors, authors who have busy careers in other fields, and those for whom the writing of a book kicked off an entirely new career. These authors share information and insights, inspiration and practical tips about how to write a book.

  • How and why they decided to write a book
  • Their writing process
  • How they overcame writing challenges
  • How they made their decision to self-publish or work with a publisher
  • How they marketed their books
  • And other topics

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Lisa Tener, Book Writing Coach


Why Author Interviews?

When I began my journey into book publishing, I did not know how to write a book. Sure, I’d taken writing classes in college, but I was unaware of the best writing strategies to get from idea to completed manuscript, or how to get that manuscript into the hands of a literary agent and, ultimately, a publisher.

It took time, research and hard work to achieve my goal, but I did it and was so proud when I finally held that first published book in my hands. I knew the lessons I’d learned about how to write and publish a book could ease the way for others with a great idea for a book but no idea how to move it forward. I began sharing my knowledge as a personal book-writing coach and as a teacher.

THIS website – “How to Write a Book” – is the result of my work with hundreds of authors and aspiring authors. It is intended to provide information and insight, inspiration and practical tips about how to write a book for:
  • People who are just starting to ask themselves, “Can I write a book?”
  • People who have begun to write a book but found themselves stuck or overwhelmed by the process
  • Writers who are well into the book-writing process but looking for a little encouragement and inspiration
  • Experienced writers looking for some new tips or interested in engaging with the broader writing community

I hope that “How to Write a Book” will become a valuable meeting place where experienced authors, newly published authors, aspiring authors and readers can connect and build community. I hope you will visit the site often to read new author interviews and to interact by leaving comments and questions.

Welcome to the journey.